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Retail Data
Innovation Lab

Identify, validate, then deliver solutions for driving data innovation — all within time-boxed cycles.

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Store Operations Insights

Improve the in-store experience for customers and employees by delivering actionable data to managers.

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Augmented Assortment Planning

Create adaptable assortment planning that leverages AI to help your planners create profitable, unique assortments.

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Shrink Intelligence

Gain visibility into deliberate or inadvertent inventory shrink so you can make informed decisions on where to invest.

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Retail Task Management

Manage and prioritize tasks across all store locations to gain more efficiency and control of your store operations.

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Surfacing valuable data and empowering frontline teams is your competitive advantage.

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A retailer's challenge often isn't that they lack the right data, it's leveraging that data across the entire retail value chain from supplier to shelf. Data transformation across each supply chain touchpoint means leveling-up your product intelligence — empowering employees, lowering costs and creating more transparent, effective retail operations. 

It’s time for your teams at every step of the retail value chain to have insights that drive business-minded and customer-oriented decisions.

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How we helped a retail club store get data into the hands of frontline employees and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by 40% ...

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We’ve helped some of the foremost brands create change with their data, faster, by applying agile principles to their data systems.
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RevUnit is skilled in the art and science of agile and it is amazing how many enterprise companies still don’t execute that way.

— Randy, Former SVP of Technology @ Walmart

Case Study

Redesigning in-store processes to improve efficiency

female retail worker/manager with short hair and glasses completing tasks on a tablet.

How one of the world’s largest retailers created a scalable digital platform that’s now used each day by more than 1.5 million team members in six countries

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Gaining adoption for your frontline tool

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Change management has to be conducted the right way in order for any potential frontline data tool to be successful.

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Creating a culture of change and data fluency

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Leaders from Hyatt and Acosta answer questions about using data to empower teams to make stronger decisions and delight customers in new ways.

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