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Identify, validate, then deliver solutions for driving retail data innovation — all within time-boxed cycles.

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two women looking to buy glasses with data elements and a magnifying glass icon
two women looking to buy glasses with data elements and a magnifying glass icon

Stagnant innovation in the retail space commonly happens for at least one of these reasons: lack of business alignment, unclear strategy and metrics, the wrong team, or siloed resources and budgets. In-house innovation incubators are only successful when micro use cases lead to buy-in across the organization. 

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s largest retailers through our teach + do model: embedding closely with teams to ID problems and opportunities, then accelerate scalable solutions.

Case Study: Store Associate Chat Bot

How we helped a retail club store get data into the hands of frontline employees and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by 40% ...

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You May Need This If…

  • You need to improve data-driven decision making across your organization
  • You need to prioritize cross-functional data initiatives to get to ROI faster
  • You need added connection between corporate and customer-facing teams
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How We Can Help

We’ll stand up a cross-functional team, either embedded or fully independent, within your organization to vet and execute ideas for innovating with your data. With our innovation frameworks, you’ll get to data ROI faster.

Embedded strategic team that will teach + do
Repeatable frameworks for standing up new initiatives
Functional prototypes with roadmaps 
Ongoing executional support

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Redesigning In-Store Processes to Improve Efficiency

female retail worker/manager with short hair and glasses completing tasks on a tablet.

How one of the world’s largest retailers created a scalable digital platform that’s now used each day by more than 1.5 million team members in six countries

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Empowering Change Through Data ft. Walmart, Chick-fil-A, and Microsoft

1 female and three male headshots of the speakers

Listen into our virtual panel where leaders from Walmart, Microsoft, Chick-fil-A, and Divergent Technology Advisors walk through their insights and experiences in creating change with data.

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6 Real-World Ways to Surface Insights to Frontline Employees

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The best data tools may not even feel like a data tool, but instead an informative or process management tool that makes employees’ jobs easier.

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