Shrink Intelligence Solution

Gain visibility into deliberate and inadvertent inventory shrink so you can make informed decisions on where to invest.

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Man in glasses holding a box of products while talking to woman holding a tablet
Man in glasses holding a box of products while talking to woman holding a tablet

Retail shrink — whether intentional through theft and fraud or unintentional through incomplete shipments and inventory error — continues to be one of the largest threats to brick-and-mortar stores. At the same time, loss prevention and inventory intelligence are often siloed within retail organizations. 

It’s time to move away from alerts and towards driving action through controllable inventory points and integrated data intelligence across the retail value chain. RevUnit partners with leading retailers to surface insights that prevent loss in warehouses, stores, and in transit.

A Custom Solution to Fit Your Needs

Every organization we work with is different in their strategy, systems, team makeup, and data needs, so there’s not one single approach to building a custom data solution. Because of that, our teams are experts in the data journey — from modeling raw data to data visualization and building products that drive action. Once we have an understanding of your needs, we’ll create a customized solution to fit. 

We won’t just build a product; we will work with your teams and systems to get the data necessary to surface actionable insights, faster.

Case Study: Utilizing Machine Learning

Using machine learning to solve a $60M inventory loss problem

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You May Need This If…

  • You need to move from a reactive to proactive approach to inventory loss
  • You’re seeking more timely, reliable shrink data
  • You need added visibility into what’s working and what’s not
woman with curly hair talking to young man with short hair, in front of shelves at a store

How We Can Help

We’ll build a unified, collaborative tool to easily get insights into your retail shrink. Working with your teams, we’ll map how to get the data necessary, then build the tool directly into your existing systems. We’ll tailor the tool to your unique needs, showcasing key metrics at-a-glance as well as deep-dive reporting.

Embedded strategic team that will teach + do
Data mapping + modeling to get to the necessary insights
Research findings on what’s working and what’s not for users
A customized tool integrated into your existing systems

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