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Improve the in-store experience for consumers and employees by delivering actionable data to managers.

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Female manager with curly hair talking to male frontline worker
Female manager with curly hair talking to male frontline worker

Data often exists at the business level, but making it available and digestible to those who interact with consumers on a daily basis is difficult to do. Retail organizations can empower employees to make in-the-moment decisions by ensuring that insights are easy to digest and seamlessly fit into teams’ day-to-day tasks. 

RevUnit partners with leading retailers to make data accessible to frontline employees — capturing opportunities to drive improvements, increase productivity, and help delight consumers.

Case Study: Store Associate Chat Bot

How we helped a retail club store get data into the hands of frontline employees and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks by 40% ...

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You May Need This If…

  • You need to improve data-driven decision making on the frontline
  • Communication lacks consistency during shift changes
  • Responsibilities of in-store leadership are unclear or ever-changing
  • You need added connection between corporate and customer-facing teams
Two frontline restaurant workers packing up food

How We Can Help

We’ll build a solution that works within your unique store environment and systems. Starting with getting the necessary data, tying business goals to your managers’ operational reality, then creating a tool that surfaces regular insights into the existing workflow.

Embedded strategic team that will teach + do
Data mapping + modeling to get to the necessary insights
Research documentation of workflows + data needs
Validated product or tool that surfaces insights

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