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March 29, 2022

David Baker Awarded NWA 2015 Fast 15 Recognition

David Baker was recently awarded recognition on Northwest Arkansas's  2015 Fast 15 list. The award recognizes young professionals who are creating excellence in their profession, community and personal lives. David Baker, RevUnit Product Lead, is an exceptional example of driving innovation and excellence and RevUnit is happy to celebrate this win with him and his family. Way to go David!

A Brief Bio on David Baker

After earning a degree in Graphic Design from John Brown University, David began working to help create images and brands people love. A serial starter, David excels at starting new ventures to enhance his experience and build communities of value. Examples include David co-founding local design firm Moxy Ox, community organization Creatives United, mentoring program Launch Retreat, and product development lead at RevUnit. David enjoys his family, cooking, smoking meat, and side projects to keep things interesting.

As Product Lead, David starts at the very beginning of every product development process. Working through strategy and ideation, prototyping and user testing, design and development and implementation and marketing. The Product Lead is not only a Product Owner (PO's) at RevUnit but responsible to train, generate product development processes, and lead all other PO's in the company.

David Baker excels at understanding the needs of customers and users and then applying a brand's assets to the development of a solution. Matching customers with product development is a formula for success. Asking questions and diving deeper are skills David employs to go from creating a great idea to putting together the roadmap to actually build it. David has worked on projects in Employee Engagement/Experience, new product development, rapid prototyping, talent acquisition, retail & mobile shopping, and customer experience.

For more on David Baker's recognition read the NWA Business Journal's interview. To get connected with David at RevUnit to learn more about how we develop products, go to our hire us page.

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