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May 24, 2022
Data Intelligence

Post-Webinar Q&A: How to Present Data That Drives Informed Decisions

In this webinar, CJ Weatherford, Principal UX Designer at RevUnit, and Chris Billings, Sr. Director, Finance Data and Analytics at Walmart, shared some practical thoughts to help you collect, analyze, and present data in order to drive more well-informed decision making. 

Answering your questions

There were a number of questions that we didn't have time to address during the webinar, So, CJ has answered some of them in individual videos below. If you want to go back and watch the webinar from start to finish, you can view the full webinar recording here.

1. Is there danger in letting the narrative override the statistical truth? Couldn’t this lead to mis-informed decisions?

2. What thought leaders or resources have you gleaned from the most in understanding data visualization?

3. You talked about testing your data viz. What are some ways you’ve done this to find holes/improvement areas quickly?

4. I love the bullet chart solution to presenting a data table. How do we afford actual values vs. the visual signaling of performance?

5. What strategies one should consider when creating visuals that are accessible?

6. What are the most common mistakes you see in data visualizations? Things you recommend to avoid on the UI/UX aspect?

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