August 4, 2021

RevUnit Hopes Career Day Will Inspire Local Youth to Explore Opportunities in Tech

Last week, the RevUnit Las Vegas office hosted clients and staff from the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) for our first ever Career Day event. The youth were able to attend workshops from a number of different functions represented here in the Las Vegas office, including Coding, Marketing and PR, Recruiting, and Product Ownership.

RevUnit Senior Recruiter, Jennifer Hartwick, helped organize the career day. Jennifer shared her thoughts about the inspiration for the event:

“Being a recruiter for over 17 years in the Las Vegas market, I  know how important it is for RevUnit to really become involved and  invested in our own communities. Of course you can try to relocate  talent for your open positions, but why not take the time to enrich the  community you live in, and give people the tools and ideas they need to  figure out how they can grow their knowledge into something rewarding  and challenging as a career. Sometimes all it takes is meeting someone  who excites you and who takes a moment to invest some time in you. I had  that opportunity years ago when a recruiter took interest in me and  became my mentor. It changed my life.”

Lanette Rivera, Communications and Donor Relations Manager at NPHY spoke about the need for events like these, and the impact this one had on some of the youth:

"When RevUnit approached our team to volunteer, we were really  excited about the job shadowing day idea. It's so important for the  youth NPHY serves to be exposed to different career paths and  opportunities so that they understand that they have unlimited options  on what they can do with their lives. This job shadowing day was a  perfect example of that - in just a few hours, a few of our youth became  interested in careers in coding, marketing, and other fields they  learned about during the event. That spark could change their lives and  be the beginning of what inspires their college major and career years  from now. NPHY strives to connect homeless youth with the resources,  knowledge, and support they need to pursue sustainable, fulfilling  careers, and job shadowing days like this one are so important to  helping them build the lives they want and deserve!”

The workshops were all-around a great experience for both RevUnit  facilitators and NPHY clients. The Marketing and PR Team put together a  go-to-market strategy for their very own lemonade stand, and even had  to address a PR Disaster scenario. Some RevUnit designers were even  available to help bring their concept to life:

From  the coding workshop, NPHY client Aleisha said, “The atmosphere was very  nice and friendly. I loved learning about the inside of coding. Nick  [RevUnit developer] is a very friendly guy whose personality made the  field trip all the more better. I appreciate the time they took out of  the day for us. I will definitely go again if given the chance.”

All  agree that this experience was a great first event for RevUnit and  NPHY, and both organizations are excited about the potential of future  events and partnerships.

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