August 4, 2021

Why RevUnit is joining the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)

Since the inception of RevUnit, we’ve sought to remain at the cutting edge of potentially transformative business technologies like AI, VR, and blockchain. In that spirit of exploration, we’re proud to announce this week that RevUnit has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) to help establish transparent blockchain standards.

RevUnit clients like JB Hunt and Unigroup have also recently joined BiTA, and we’re excited to deepen these partnerships for the betterment of the entire transportation and logistics sector. We firmly believe that standards and interoperability are key to driving widespread adoption of blockchain in the transportation space.

We’ve had our eye on blockchain for a while, and have developed the perspective that it can be a catalyst for disruptive thinking. Now, we’re excited to take one step beyond research and prototyping and begin contributing to the standards that will help ensure the technology brings meaningful use cases to the transportation sector.

As with any new technology, blockchain requires a clear-eyed perspective to uncover what’s actually possible. We’ll continue to cut through the hype and work to find real value in emerging technology for our clients and partners.

Stay tuned to hear more as we seek new partnerships to explore how blockchain can help transportation companies #WorkBetter.

RevUnit is a strategic digital firm that helps the world's most influential companies transform from the inside out. Its focus is on creating workforce technology to unlock people inside the enterprise to be more efficient, knowledgeable, and engaged in their work.

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