Data Viz 101: Live, Virtual Course

Learn how to visualize data the right way from experts working with the world’s largest companies.

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Join data practitioners we've trained at:

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If I'd have gotten this 7 years ago things would be different.

— Student, Lead Analyst at Tyson

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Is Data Viz 101 Right for Me?

Data Viz 101 is a four-week course that’s been designed specifically to help enterprise data and IT professionals get the practical skills and guidance needed to make better use of their existing data sets.

If you are looking for a way to up your skills in data presentation, and want to visualize data in a way that helps users make better decisions, faster, then this course is right for you.

This is not your typical virtual course.

Real-World Experts

Learn from practitioners currently working in the world’s largest enterprises.

Tool Agnostic

We'll teach you the foundational knowledge you need to visualize data, regardless of the tool you use.

1:1 Training

Along with live virtual classes, you’ll also have 1:1 office hours with our instructors to go deep into your specific needs.

What to Expect:

Module 01 — Week 01

Perception, Memory & Psychology

The first module covers the visual system, how memory works, and how humans create patterns.


Learn how to draw a viewer's attention where you want it so they can take away what's important from the visualization.

Module 02 — Week 02

Analysis & Graph Types

The second module focuses on the primary graph types, best practices of graph selection, why these selections are optimal, and how to know which graph is best suited for the analysis at hand.


Choose the right tools to convey the message.

module 03 — Week 03

User Interface & Design Considerations

The third module dives into basic design principles and how to apply them specifically to data visualization for optimal performance.


Understand how to remove the visual noise and accentuate the data.

module 04 — week 04

Application in a Dashboard

The fourth and final module is about taking the principles of the first three modules and applying them to a real-world dashboard or report.


The rubber meets the road as we implement our learnings.

1:1 Office Hours with Your Data Viz Expert

On top of weekly class time, you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback, advice, and guidance in a 1:1 setting from your instructor. 

You can use this time to walk through data that may be business-sensitive or simply get the customized engagement you need to advance your skills.

Mobile phones with financial data and graphs user interface
man with glasses smiling

Foundational data visualization principles can’t be taught in a bubble. Instead, they need to be learned and applied in a practical way — one that’s relevant to both the environment and tooling available. 

— CJ Weatherford, Data Viz Expert and Instructor at RevUnit

Course Dates

November 4 - December 2

Time Commitment

1 hr / week + office hours

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Visualization will make or break the effectiveness of your data. No matter how structured your system is, or how thorough your analysis, if you cannot communicate your data properly it won't make an impact on your business.

Get up to speed, quickly, with our in-depth course facilitated by our enterprise data experts.

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