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We've improved UX inside some of the world's largest brands.

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Create a consumer-like experience for your employees.

You ask Alexa to add to your grocery list, you look at your watch for tomorrow's weather, and you schedule car service on your phone. It's time employee-facing software catches up.

Whether you're working off of legacy ERP software, you have an off the shelf tool, or you've built your own application, we can help you identify the gaps in your user experience to improve effectiveness.

This isn't about building a "pretty" UI.

More effective workflows

A great user experience starts with understanding how your employees do their work, then tailoring the tool to them. This approach will speed up their efficiency and cut down steps to getting their job done.

Easier access to data

Not everyone needs all the data. We'll help you break up which views to show which of your users, so they can quickly and easily access what they need to do their job well.

Stronger Adoption

We've built some of the most highly-adopted employee-facing tools at some of the world's largest companies. The right UX will result in strong adoption from employees.

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What to expect from our audit service:

Stakeholder alignment

We start every engagement by making sure everyone is aligned to the high-level business objectives for the tool or software we will be evaluating.

  • Business objectives
  • Analytics review
  • Target metrics
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Heuristic design review

We'll take a look at your existing solution / UI and give you an understanding of what immediate improvements we see based on usability best practices (as well as our own learnings in the enterprise space).

  • UI consistency
  • Language use & terminology
  • User control & flexibility
  • Context in comparisons
Evaluative user sessions

Next is understanding the user and bridging their needs to the business outcomes. By getting deep context into how they go about their work, what they need from the tool, and how they use it today, we can help you better understand where your tool is falling short.

  • Workflow understanding
  • Existing usage
  • Outside tools
  • Decision-making process
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woman with dark curly hair writing on a whiteboard  overlay a tablet showing an employee task management and training tool
Audit recommendations

After conducting the research, we'll package up the learnings and provide you with detailed recommendations on improvements you can start making today. Not: change this color to blue, but: here's something users need to see in their initial view. Depending on your needs, we can also provide design concepts for the improved UX.

  • Packaged learnings
  • Key insights
  • Reccomended improvements

You'll finish this audit with:

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UX best practices, applied to your tool

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Practical improvements you can start making today

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A clear roadmap to a more effective tool

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