Empower your frontline workforce with timely insights

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Some of your most pivotal business decisions happen with your retail frontline workforce. Equip them with the insights they need.

Getting data to your frontline is not about turning all your employees into analysts. It’s about empowering your employees who are closest to your end customer or the final operations of your business with the insights they need to take action in the moment. Too often, these employees are either given outdated reports, or left without any data-driven insights altogether. 

We can help you get simplified insights into the hands of your frontline, faster.

Who are frontline employees?

This is the portion of your workforce that is immediate contact with your end customers or final operations. They include employees like store associates, general managers, field employees, truck drivers, maintenance workers, production line, stockroom, customer service, and more.

Our Approach

Understand the Employee & Environment

Getting insights to the frontline starts with a deep understanding of your employees’ tasks, goals, and environment. Through interviews, observations, and stakeholder sessions, we’ll team up to understand exactly what insights your employees need, and when they need them in order to take action.

  • User Research
  • Field Research
  • Journey Mapping
  • Alignment Workshops
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Get to the Right Insights

Once you know what insights will drive frontline action, you’ll need to pull together the data that feeds those insights. We'll immerse ourselves in your data and systems, documenting where data exists, what form it lives in, and how it should be connected.

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Mapping
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Architecture
Build the Right Tool

Once we have a grasp on the use cases and the necessary data, we’ll come alongside your team to build a tool that effectively presents insights to your frontline — right when they need it. The right format is essential in encouraging more data-driven decisions, so we don’t just consider dashboards. Technology like natural language processing, chat bots, voice assistants, or even SMS updates could fit more naturally into your employee’s workflow.

  • Product Development
  • UX design
  • Data Visualization
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Let's get started.

Frontline Data Pre-Flight

Get insights to your frontline employees.

A 90-day prototype of a tool to get simple, actionable insights to your retail frontline employees — with user and technical validation.

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Not Sure? Need More?

We'll tailor a solution to your needs.

We know that your data needs are unique — and your solutions will be, too. Set up a meeting with our team to talk about what you’re looking for. 

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Data Connection Pre-Flight

Bring the data you need together.

A prototype of a connected data structure that matches your business needs, with user and technical validation — in 90 days or less.

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Frontline Data  Pre-Flight

Get insights to your frontline employees.

A 90-day prototype of a tool to get simple, actionable insights to your retail frontline employees — with user and technical validation.

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[Case Study]

A large retail chain was throwing away food at times, while not meeting demand at others.

They needed a way to empower their grocery employees with the right information to effectively meet demand with less waste. The only way employees could access this data was through a tool made for sales people that was difficult to understand. 

The organization teamed up with RevUnit to understand what these employees needed in order to respond more quickly and accurately predict demand. Through our research, we were able to uncover the sales, throwaways, and production level metrics that would empower employees to adjust daily production on their own with more accuracy.

This pilot tool gave grocery employees the information they needed to produce the optimal quantities of fresh products, at the right time, and to boost sales in their store. This project eventually led to a larger rollout for employees across the sales floor.

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Resources for Data Visualization ———


A guide to finding what data your decision makers need when, and how to deliver it on your presentation tool.

Building a Report People Actually Use

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