Custom Load Matching Solutions

Better connect shippers to carriers, cutting out manual processes and optimizing truck capacity.

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large semi en route with gear and data elements overlay
large semi en route with gear and data elements overlay

Disparate systems and manual processes often lead to inefficient routes and loads, and a bad experience for carriers and shippers. Transportation and logistics organizations, both large and small, can leverage the power of recommendation engines to assess a range of variables and help employees make smarter decisions when matching loads.

RevUnit partners with transportation and logistics leaders to optimize load matching for more speed and profitability through machine learning.

A custom solution to fit your needs

Every organization we work with is different in their strategy, systems, team makeup, and data needs, so there’s not one single approach to building a custom data solution. Because of that, our teams are experts in the data journey — from modeling raw data to data visualization and building products that drive action. Once we have an understanding of your needs, we’ll create a customized solution to fit. 

We won’t just build a product; we will work with your teams and systems to get the data necessary to surface actionable insights, faster.

A laptop showing a dashboard with data elements and illustration elements showing the process in motion

Understanding & implementing recommendation engines

Leveraging recommendation engines in the transportation and logistics space to gain efficiencies and increase profitability

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You may need this if…

  • Your current freight-matching process is overly manual
  • You have too many empty truck miles or lost capacity
  • You’ve hit roadblocks trying to implement AI or ML in the right way
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How we can help

Whether your load matching system is used by dispatchers or self-serve, we can create a machine learning model and interface that will surface the best matches for carriers and shippers based on historical data.

Embedded strategic team that will teach + do
Data mapping + modeling to get to the necessary insights
Machine learning model integrated into existing systems
Intuitive interface for users to verify matching

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Applying agile to speed up your data projects

one man with glasses holding a box, looking at information on a tablet, being held by a woman

Whether your data project involves building a data model, a data visualization, applying machine learning, or data integration, taking an agile approach will get you better results, faster.

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Illuminating the truth from transportation & logistics data

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RevUnit CEO Michael Paladino recently sat down with Matthew Harding, SVP of Data Science at Transplace, for a dynamic conversation around data integration.

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Are you overcomplicating data intelligence?

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Data intelligence is simply about driving the right insights, to the right people, at the right time — and companies have an advantage if they can move fast on AI and ML.

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