Get actionable insights into the hands of your employees, faster.

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RevUnit is a data technology studio

We help our clients build data strategies, products, and infrastructure to get operational insights into the hands of employees, faster.

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We focus on operational data that helps you drive bottom-line growth.

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Get the right data to make strategic business decisions.

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Deliver insights to your frontline exactly when they need it.

→ Frontline: Deliver insights to your frontline exactly when they need it.

→ Back-office: Get the right data to make strategic business decisions.

Our Capabilities


Agile team setup
Iterative cycle plan
Agile training
Lean data strategy


User research
Workflow mapping
Value mapping
Data profiling


Data cleansing
Data governance
Data modeling
Data engineering


Report/dashboard creation
Systems integration
Software development
Automation / machine learning


Data visualization
Data presentation
Dashboard evaluation
UI design

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We are not for everyone

We move quickly.

Speed to value is the name of our game. We are not a big consulting firm, and proud of it — no fluffy decks, just actionable plans and the help to get you there.

We will bridge business & IT.

In almost every organization we work with, we act as an objective bridge between the business and tech functions, bringing everyone together to create cohesive data systems that actually make an impact.

We will tell you where you’ve gone wrong.

If you’re looking for a team to just say “yes” and implement your exact ideas, we are not the team for you. We will give you our honest feedback on what’s working and what’s not based on our experience.

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RevUnit took the time to understand our unique advantages, and equipped us with the informed perspective we need in order to break down barriers and rally support for our reimagined employee training programs.

Kramer | Agile Transformation Restaurant Training


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RevUnit is unique in the fact that they do not provide staff augmentation, but deploy a multi-disciplined and complete team. They are skilled in the art and science of agile development and it is amazing how many enterprise companies still don’t execute that way.

Randy | former SVP of Retail Technology


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