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Meet CueAI: Your Dashboard-less AI Insights Engine

Drained by dashboards? Sit back and let the insights come to you.

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Analyze the data you're already collecting with the power of AI

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CueAI is an intelligent insights engine that scans data and automatically notifies users to valuable information that can be acted upon immediately. As insights are delivered to the user, CueAI learns and improves based on feedback provided by the user. 

CueAI connects to an organization's data source: we’re talking databases, data lakes, or even just a spreadsheet. CueAI then diligently scans your data to find the most important insights to send to your decision makers via Slack, email, or SMS. It’s module-based and extensible, so organizations can customize the insights based on team or individual goals and objectives. 

Free your analysts

Make complex data sets and analytics easily digestible for those without a data science degree. No more waiting on Sarah to run the monthly report and give you paragraphs of findings you’ll never read. No offense to Sarah, she’s just got better things to do (and so do you). 

CueAI mockup demonstrating today's insights summarized and sent to an owner
Mockup demonstrating CueAI asking a user if an insight was helpful

A lifelong learner

The best part? Cue loves to learn. If an insight is valuable to you, CueAI will continue to share it. If an insight is not helpful, CueAI will learn, adjust, and improve.

No dashboards required

After connecting your data sources to CueAI, key analytics are summarized and sent to you as custom insights in real-time through your preferred delivery channel. Receive a daily email summary, or a weekly text on key recommendations. Checking in on your goals just got as easy as checking the weather. 

    CueAI mockup demonstrating business insights sent to an owner for supply chain insights


    For the expedited path to value

    8 week implementation

    Unlimited self-discovery

    Up to 3 data sources (capped at 100 million rows each)

    3-5 KPIs (included in weekly summary)

    1 tool integration (Slack, Teams, Email, or SMS)

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    CueAI Pro

    Conversational AI at your fingertips

    6 month implementation

    Fully automated chat bot

    Up to 5 data sources (capped at 100 million rows each)

    5-10 KPIs (included in weekly summary)

    Up to 3 tool integrations (Slack, Teams, Email, or SMS)

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    CueAI 60-day implementation

    We’ll move fast. With our proprietary infrastructure, and Google Cloud enablement, we’ll be able to get CueAI up and running in your environment in no time. Well, 60 days, but that’s basically no time in tech years. 

    Initial Setup

    01 —


    Sources, access, cleanliness, KPI and insight definition

    02 —

    Build Pipeline + Ingest

    Pipeline, transposing data, set up schema automation

    03 —

    Automate Scheduler

    Start sending cues

    Ongoing Services

    Data Refreshes

    Iterations + Improvement

    Changes to Data

    Bug / Issue Fixes

    Common Insights Categories


    • Average Order Window
    • Return Amounts


    • Identified Business Anomalies
    • Change in Product Popularity


    • Seasonality Forecasting
    • Products Out of Stock Soon
    • Gross Margin Improvement

    Sales & Revenue

    • Sales by Period
    • Revenue Forecasting
    • Salesperson Benchmarking

    Product Trends

    • Product Benchmarking
    • Change in Product Popularity
    • Market Basket Analysis

    Customer Insights

    • New Customers
    • Churned Customers
    • Returning Customers


    • Sell-through Rate
    • Inventory Turnover
    • Inventory Days On Hand


    • Fill Rate
    • On-Time Shipment
    • Freight Bill Accuracy

    Time Series

    • Inventory Forecast
    • Sales Forecast
    • Seasonality Demand

    Eliminate the noise

    CueAI does the work for you to focus only on the metrics that matter. Achieve your individual and organizational goals by eliminating the clutter of too much data.

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    CueAI FAQs 

    What is CueAI?

    An intelligent solution that scans data and automatically notifies users to valuable information that can be acted upon immediately, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) — eliminating the need for dashboards and wasting data analysts’ time.

    What makes it smart?

    The module-based solution allows extensibility of individual, departmental, and organizational needs. It gathers relevant feedback on delivered insights from the user and then scores if the discovery was relevant and valuable. CueAI learns from users' needs and improves in its results.

    How long does it take to implement?

    While it depends on the data source(s), a typical implementation can be done in just 60 days.

    What is the cost for CueAI?

    This service varies in cost. Although we have a tried and tested process, the systems, environment, and challenges are different with every client. Reach out to us for a demo and estimate.

    Request a demo with your own data.

    Deliver your cues in as little as 60 days. We’ll walk you through a demo, then use a sample set of your own data to show you what cue could do for your business. Don't see a time that works? Contact us.